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Inti Salas Rossenbach

Inti Salas Rossenbach, 34 years old, works and lives in Paris. Project manager in a big company, he devotes himself to writing activities (scripts and prose), to all who he loves and to eclectic and more or less quiet strolls.

From an early age, Inti was attracted and involved in literature, sports, and science discoveries. Brought up in a multicultural family, his taste for words and languages would develop in time. He is fluent in French and Spanish, and advanced in German and English.

As an adolescent he trained as an athlete and competed in sprint and decathlon.

Inspired by his father’s career as a carpenter on cargo ships, Inti became fascinated by the Ocean. He spent much of his spare time sailing with his friends around Britanie.

As well as being passionate by the Ocean, he is whiling to discover foreign shores and traveled a lot. His love for the elsewhere lead him take an interest in foreign shores which he went on to explore both by sea and by land.

His devotion to logical and understanding of the world lead him to study fundamental physics at Jussieu University. He specialized in the science of secret codes, and became cryptography consultant in 1998. His dedication to this peculiar field keeps on growing, and nowadays he is project manager in this field.

Writing is a main aspect of his life. He likes to share this passion and co-created “”, a literature website.

Whether it be a novel, an essay, a roman, or scripts, Inti always pushes himself and gets a great pleasure in sharing his stories an in doing so, introducing other people and new challenges in his projects.

He turned one of his novel into a short-film script, raising the funds from the equivalent of a local council to shoot “Le Goûts des conventions / the taste of conventions” in 2006.

Coauthor of the short-film “Lo que importa – Parábola frutal“, he won in march 2008 the first prize of the “Arte en video“ international festival.

He is also involved in a feature script writing “Ullapool’s promise“, and working on a new novel and essay.

His motivation regarding Patagonia 2009, is to gain a deep experience of an elsewhere, taking body and soul to a likely sharing thoughts and stories place.